Autonom Factory

eco line

Robotized and remote controlled machining system installed at end customer


Streamline and automate component machining. We want to make it possible to produce production in the immediate vicinity of the end customer by using new production methods such as robots, autonomous machining and 3D printing, etc. High labor costs are no longer a topic of local production.

Our customers can produce the parts less expensive, shorter series, have the right parts available at the right time, less waste, more environmentally friendly production, less transport packaging and use of chemicals. Competing with low cost countries.

Machin learning

 Automatically run CNC machines so that one operator can run many machines at the same time instead of just one like today. This is an important sub-project to realize "Autonomous Factory" for machined parts.

Our customers can compete better with low cost countries, low investments and quick revenues. You can also increase production speed by running machining when no operators are present. Easy to install, very flexible in relation to changes.

Our Contributions

High cost levels in Norway have resulted in outsourced production of machined steel and metal components to low-cost countries

  • Little flexibilety
  • Expensive follow-up
  • Little environmentally friendly 
  • Lost jobs
  • Lost knowledge
  • Lost competition


Sunnhordland Technologies AS
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CEO: Kurt Magne Kvernøy
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