Sunnhordland Technologies AS is a start-up company consisting of experienced professionals and technology personnel from world-leading industrial environments at Rubbestadneset and Stord. We are located in premises at Rubbestadneset quay, centrally between Bergen and Stavanger. Locally, the place is better known as the “terminal building on the speedboat quay.

Our philosoph

Our mission is to help our customers realize new technological solutions such as "floods" over us, called "digitalization" and "Industry 4.0". By realization, we mean understanding customer needs, assisting with good tool choices, and ensuring a good introduction of new job routines to quickly achieve improvements.


Our Future

In addition, we are developing our own technology for more efficient production of steel components in conjunction with machining companies. The customer market ranges widely from public to industry, aquaculture and renewable energy. Feel free to contact us or visit our premises, we are always open for a good chat!

Our background

Our background is from technology development, lean production and streamlining of work processes with a high degree of digitized tools. We count a total of six people who are involved in building the business, where two people are full-time employees



Managing Director and Co-Owner

Kurt Magne Kvernøy

Extensive experience from production, quality, maintenance and sales.


Torstein Rasmussen

Genuinely interested in improving work processes to achieve good flow in companies. Long sailing time from production, purchasing, logistics, IT projects and business development at home and abroad.


Sunnhordland Technologies AS
Austbøvegen 44
CEO: Kurt Magne Kvernøy
Phone: +47 41 79 43 09
E-post: kmk@sunn-tech.no