Maintenance automation

We offer services throughout the life cycle of the automation system and have organized operations in the business areas.
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We analyze your automation system and provide support in all parts of the process, so you can focus on the business itself.

Avoid downtime on your automation systems

Automation life cycle management

395 / 5000 Oversettelsesresultater Automation Lifecycle Management provides a continuous analysis of the life cycle status of components in your system. We provide reports with recommended actions for components, this can be direct replacement or upgrade. It will be considered whether a major upgrade is more appropriate. We give you the opportunity to plan actions well in advance to reduce risk due to downtime.

remote control & data collection

255 / 5000 Oversettelsesresultater Remote Access provides access to the system so you can operate, analyze, retrieve and send data remotely. Data collection provides access to real-time data such as log files and cloud solutions. Devices that can be made available are, for example, HMI, PLC, Camera and PC.

tailor-made solutions

Deliveries of automation solutions adapted to your use. Our product and services are future-oriented in terms of environment, choice of components, choice of tools and algorithms in the automation product. We focus on close dialogue with the customer from idea to finished product. Your idea, our expertise!


Status analysis of component life cycle in their automation system. If components are approaching phasing out or already are expired, we proactively recommend you to obtain compensation to avoid the risks associated with one any downtime


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